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Entertron Industries Inc. - Specializing in PLCs for OEMs since 1978

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automation, control system, embedded controller, factory automation, free plc software


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PLC Training with Entertron ePLCs

Entertron provides an inexpensive way to learn PLCs.

We offer an ideal program for schools, colleges, individuals or groups that is budget friendly and will meet the needs of your course / learning requirements.

1. Entertron provides Eware32 relay ladder logic programming software free of charge.

  • The software is downloadable directly from our web site. Once you have the password, (which doesn't change), you can download as many copies of software as desired. Imagine every student having a copy of software for the lab and for their own use (laptop or home computer) for homework. Entertron provides no restrictions for run licenses.

  • Entertron provides the following tools in Eware32

    • Off-line Run Simulator for testing of program logic

    • On-line monitoring capabilities for connecting directly to the PLC and viewing both ladder flow and internal elements

    • 32 programming examples to perform various functions, common to the PLC world

    • Help manual in html format, that includes ladder logic tutorial and application notes.

    • There are no rung restrictions or limitations.

All this is available with no purchase required. Teach with our software only. Use the simulator to test your logic. There is enough material for a basic ladder logic course.

2. Entertron manufacturers an inexpensive family of embedded PLCs that will meet your training requirements.

Whether the need is simple on/off logic or teaching more sophisticated process control with analog signals, we offer various controllers to meet those requirements.

Contact us to discuss your course intentions and we can configure a controller to meet those needs.

In conjunction with learning about the incredible world of PLCs, your students will also be front and center in the world of electronics. Our open board design allows for direct interaction with the components of the PLC. You will not have this level of access with packaged products. Component information can be obtained through a simple search engine query.

3. Pricing

The cost of our controllers will vary, depending on size, I/O number and configuration.

A simple SP-66-24 with a DB-9 computer cable starts at $200.00. We provide a learning discount of 20%, dropping the unit price to $160.00 ea. Combined with our free programming software, there are no additional or hidden costs. Unlimited installation of our programming software is an added benefit that will save your organization thousands of dollars in cost, and enable your students greater access to their class work.

If you are doing a training course whereby the students pay for the course and receive the controller as part of their package, the replacement cost is very reasonable.

Entertron provided the Smart-PAK to a home study entity (NRI) that was part of McGraw Hill. Each student received a course of study and our PLC. This was a very successful course for introducing people to the world of PLCs.

Below is a table of basic information for the controllers that we offer. For more specific information, click on the link that will take you to the product page.

Contact Entertron with your requirements for your course and we will provide a controller that meets your teaching needs.

The nicest part of our program is that there are no hoops to jump through and no mounds of paperwork to fill out. You simply tell us your intent to teach and that you are interested in using Entertron's products and that is sufficient for us.

Note: Additional reference material for learning PLCs can be found through the PLCs.net web site.


Feature Smart-PAK Smart-PAK PLUS SK1600-RIC Elite-2000
Digital Inputs up to 12 up to 16 up to 32 up to 64
Digital Inputs - AC 24 VAC only 24 VAC only Yes Yes
Digital Inputs - DC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Outputs up to 12 up to 12 up to 24 up to 64
Digital Outputs - Triac No No No Yes
Digital Outputs - Transistor No No No Yes
Digital Outputs - Relay Yes Yes Yes No
Analog I/O No Yes Yes Yes
RS232 serial port Yes Yes Yes Yes
RS485 serial port No Yes Yes Yes
High Speed Counters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quadrature Decoder No No No Yes
Networking Capabilities peer to peer Yes - 16 slaves Yes - 16 slaves Yes - 32 slaves
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 7 years

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