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Why are you paying for the privilage of using someone’s PLC? That is what you are doing when you purchase their software. We at Entertron believe in providing you a ladder logic based programming package FREE of charge.

See what we provide you, compared to a few of our competitors.

Item Entertron Allen Bradley Automation Direct Aromat
Version Eware32 RSLogix DirectSoft32 FPWinPro
Products Supports Smart-PAK seriesSK1600-RIC


Different Package forSLC500



PC-DSOFT5Supports all DL families Supports All FP products
Ladder Logic Programming Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offline Simulation Yes No – Requires RS Logix Emulator No No
Cross Reference Table Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost $0 $1100 $395 $495
Upgrade Cost $0 $250 / year $249 $149
Yearly Maintenance Fee $0 $250 / copy $0 ???
Site License Cost $0 $250 / copy ??? ???
OEM License $0 ??? No longer available ???

Note – Allen Bradley pricing will vary by distributor and may be dependent on number of installed copies in addition to other Rockwell software products in order to determine Upgrade Cost, Yearly Maintenace Fee and Site License Cost.

Visit our software page for additional information about Eware32

Do you know that as an OEM, you are required to pay for multiple copies of software if you provide them to your customers? You will never have to do that with Entertron. Our prime focus is providing value to our OEM customers. When you purchase our controllers, the software is FREE. (no fine print…ever!!!) To discuss your application further, please contact us by email, phone or fax –

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