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Entertron began operations in 1978 and was the first company to offer a board level PLC and the second entry into the small/micro end of the PLC world, behind Modicon’s 084.

Since the introduction of the SK1600, Entertron’s first successful board level PLC, we have continued as a leader in the field of board level technology. Entertron designs and manufacturers all of its own board level PLC products to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

Entertron is a name you probably do not hear often. The reason, our products are designed specifically for the OEM. Our board level PLCs become part of the final product ensuring our OEM customers the greatest level of propriety. For more information on the advantages in using Entertron’s board level PLCs over our competition, check out Why Choose Entertron PLCs.

In addition to offering an inexpensive PLC solution with our current product line, Entertron’s strength is our ability to offer solutions for the special application that our competition’s products cannot satisfy. Entertron has the ability to modify hardware and/or create special operating systems for that special application.

If the application requires a completely custom design. Entertron’s proven ladder logic programming software and operating system libraries allow us to create a completely custom design without sacrificing the PLC element.. Programmability.. All of our custom designs still have the Entertron Relay Ladder Logic Software behind them, allowing the OEM customer the ability to change and modify their systems basic functionality to meet their changing needs.

To determine if your application can be done with our standard product, a modification or a special design, just fill our Product Design/Recommendation Form and we will evaluate your requirements promptly.

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