Programmable Controllers

Entertron Family of ePLC Products

Entertron offers three unique embedded programmable logic controller products.

The Smart-PAK series addresses the micro end of the market with up to 16/12 digital I/O and 7 amp form A relay outputs. Where this product stands out vs. other micro PLCs is with its analog capabilities. Our analog only expansion board provides many possibilities. Other controllers require individual modules for each type of analog. The Smart-PAK PLUS analog board can be ordered with up to 8 analog inputs in just about any configuration (voltage, current, + / – voltage, millivolt, 4 type K thermocouples, 4 RTDs) and 4 analog outputs (voltage, current, + / – )

Note – When ordering the analog only expansion, you are limited to 8 / 6 digital I/O.

The SK1600-RIC is our most popular product. As a mid range micro, with digital I/O starting at 16/12 and expandable to 32/24 and offers basic 8 bit analog I/O. Where this products stands apart from its competition is in its output ratings – 8 amp relay outputs (form A & form C). When ordered with DC inputs, we provide a 12 VDC @ 1 amp power supply is provided. PNP inputs and AC inputs are also available.

The Elite-2000 is Entertron’s top of the line offering. A solid state controller with unmatched outputs – 2 amp triac or transistor, optically isolated, noise suppression, individually fused. A total of 64 / 64 digital I/O (AC, PNP, NPN, TTL), and up to 16 / 16 analog I/O in just about any configuration imaginable is available.

All ePLCs can be ordered with 2 serial ports (RS232 or RS485 second port), ModBus RTU protocol, Entertron ASCII protocol

Entertron’s controllers come with Free programming software and a warranty that is unmatched within the industry.

Our products are not limited to the specifications listed. Unlike our competitor’s prepackaged products that are manufactured in vast quantity overseas, we are able to address special requirements with basic modifications to I/O, because every ePLC is manufactured by Entertron in Gasport, NY.

smart pak

Below, we have provided a brief overview of our products. To find out more, click on the link at the top of the table for the product that you are interested in reviewing.

Feature Smart -PAK Smart-PAK PLUS SK1600 -RIC Elite -2000
Digital Inputs up to 12 up to 16 up to 32 up to 64
Digital Inputs – AC 24 VAC only 24 VAC only Yes Yes
Digital Inputs – DC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Outputs up to 12 up to 12 up to 24 up to 64
Digital Outputs – Triac No No No No
Digital Outputs – Transistor No No No Yes
Digital Outputs – Relay Yes Yes Yes No
Analog I/O No Yes Yes Yes
RS232 serial port Yes Yes Yes Yes
RS485 serial port No Yes Yes Yes
High Speed Counters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quadrature Decoder No No No No
Networking Capabilities peer to peer Yes – 16 slaves Yes – 16 slaves Yes – 32 slaves
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years

If you don’t see a product to fit your exact needs, send us your specifications. Unlike our competition, Entertron has the capabiliy to modify any of our standard products. If your requirements do not meet our current product offering, we can design a complete controller to meet your exact requirements. Design fee and minimum order quantities will vary based upon the complexity of your project.

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