Why Choose Entertron PLC

Over other PLCs?

Compared to Entertron’s ePLCs, traditional PLCs lack the flexibility that Entertron is able to offer.


  • A “brick” style unit offers no flexibility. You have a few configurations to choose from and that is it. You have to fit your application around their product.
  • A “modular” style unit offers the flexibility but tends to be overkill for many applications. The ability to mix and match I/O is great, except you tend to waste much of the I/O: Example: you need one thermocouple input, but they only offer a module of 4. In essence you waste I/O and money.

Traditional PLCs lack the real world I/O. Typical output ratings for relays are 2 amps, transistors are 100 – 500 mA and triacs are 500 – 1000 mA. Entertron’s controllers far exceed our competition…compare for yourself. output comparision

Using a traditional PLC opens the door to what we call the “customer spec. nightmare”. If you have standardized on a specific controller, and you state as such in your literature, potential customers can then dictate to you, specifically what controller to use, as a condition for a sale. Not only do you have to support a product that is not your standard, but you also have to purchase the software as well. With Entertron’s ePLCs, you are able to offer a product that doesn’t look like a PLC, therefore you don’t have to call it a PLC. Some of our customers have used the following terms to describe our controllers:

  • microprocessor based control
  • custom control designed specifically for our company

In essence, our controllers are designed specifically for your company. Even though you have not designed the hardware, you have developed the program and ordered a controller that is either off the shelf from stock or built specifically for your application requirements.

Another reason our customers choose us over traditional PLCs is the level of protection and propriety we offer. As an OEM, you have spent a great deal of resources to develop your product. With other PLCs, your information is not as safe as you think. Of course they tell you that they offer password protection for your program. Unfortunately, the bad news is, passwords can be cracked. With Entertron’s controllers, you the OEM have complete control over your intellectual property. The only way a customer or competitor can gain access to your program is if you give it to them. With traditional PLCs, if you have the software, you can upload the program and view it with the software. You do not have this capability with Entertron’s controllers. Once a program is downloaded or burned on EPROM, it cannot be uploaded or decompiled. This is the ultimate in protection

Believe it or not, when you have standardized on a traditional PLC, you lose control over a very lucrative part of the business…replacement parts. If you use a product that offers world wide distribution, you can kiss any replacement parts business goodbye. With Entertron, you have total control. We serial number every controller and know exactly when it was purchased and who it was purchased by. If you are a current Entertron OEM customer, we send all inquiries that we receive, related to your product, back to you. Our mission is to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with our OEM customers.

Over other Embedded controllers?

As with a traditional PLC, there are several reasons why Entertron’s ePLCs are chosen over other embedded controllers:


  • Many of the embedded controller products on the market today are programmed in a higher level language, such as C. Even though C is a very intuitive language, it is also a programming language that requires a substantial investment in time to learn. Whereas ladder logic can be learned in a rather brief period of time. Ladder logic is a widely accepted method for programming controllers, whereas C is a language used primarily by software developers.
  • Typical I/O offered by embedded controllers tends to be TTL style with limited current driving capabilities. In most cases when incorporating an embedded controller, you also have to design an I/O board for your “real world” signals. Whereas with Entertron’s products, you have “real world” current driving capabilities

When you have to add to an already developed product, how much do you truly save? These other embedded controller options are to be an alternative to packaged PLCs and going the custom route, but there may still be some hardware design, depending on your application requirements.

Over a custom design?

There are several reasons that companies investigate a custom designed controller:

  • Designed to address specific requirements
  • Costs less than an off the shelf product
  • They want a proprietary looking product

Those would be considered the benefits. What are the drawbacks?


  • When a controller is designed for a specific requirement, there is little, if no consideration given to expansion of capabilities.
  • The component cost may be less, but you must also consider up front design costs, multiple times to the drawing board, considering the chances of a design working the first time are very remote.
  • Development time from paper to reality can be very time consuming (6 months minimum), not even considering redesigns.

With Entertron’s ePLCs, you have the best of a custom design without the drawbacks. A custom looking product, with hardware that is already designed and can be ordered as off the shelf or configured, based on your application. Programming software to make our hardware your product. And best of all, if your requirements change or a customer comes to you and asks for something a little different, you don’t have to tell them “no, it is a custom board that cannot be modified.” You can now say “not a problem, we can do that, is there anything else you will need.”


Regardless of the alternative, Entertron provides OEMs with a comprehensive solution that includes hardware, software and networking. Our embedded PLCs are a superior alternative to traditional PLCs, other embedded controller products or a custom solution. Here’s why:

  • A diverse and flexible range of I/O.
  • Real world I/O ratings – superior to other embedded controllers.
  • Free support direct from the factory
  • The longest controller warranty in the industry
  • A company that goes out of its way to protect an OEM’s intellectual property – Here’s what we can do and how!!
  • Over 25 years of dedicating its resources to providing solutions to OEM’s

We may not always offer the perfect fit for your application, but, when you factor everything addressed, Entertron can provide you with the best solution available.

Our Guarantee!!!

As a current OEM customer, Entertron will vow to protect your intellectual property and replacement parts business by not selling to your customers. We will direct all inquiries related to your serial numbered products directly back to you.

No other PLC manufacturer has or will put this in writing. Entertron has.

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